Emriver models in space!

 An Emriver Em2 has boldly gone where none has gone before!

One of our models was featured on the flight deck of Blast Beyond, a space-themed children’s science show on PBS affiliate KCOS-13 in El Paso, Tex.

J.R. Lujan and Martin Christiansen, National Park Service Rangers from the Chamizal National Memorial in El Paso, taught “cadets” on the show about river habitats, morphology and the effects of building in a watershed.

The El Paso Emriver is helping teach lessons in history, too.  In that region, a hundred-year-long border dispute was the result of the Rio Grande River migrating to the south after a flood, moving Mexican land to the United States side.

The Chamizal National Memorial commemorates the peace treaty that settled the border dispute in 1963.
In the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez region, “river movement plays a big part in the story that we share,” Mr. Lujan told us.

Watch the episodes of Blast Beyond featuring the Emriver here and here.  We had a blast watching them in our office.  The amazing host, Captain Rob, keeps kids engaged and kept us entertained.  Don't miss his ultra-campy Captain Kirk imitation.

Thanks to J.R. Lujan for letting us know what he’s been up to!  We're always thrilled to see our models at work in the field!

By Alee Quick.

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