A holiday delta run using our Em4 model.

We finally had a little time to play with our newly-set up Em4, and did a casual time lapse last week.  I haphazardly changed variables now and then over a two-hour run as we did other work in the lab.

The frames are taken every 30 seconds.  I changed flow rate, sediment input at the upper end, valley slope, and "roll" or the side-to-side slope.  I also raised and lowered the standpipe at the lower end, which affects base level.

I aimed for some nice dramatic delta processes.

If you're not familiar with the Em4, the plastic media (with a D50 of 1.0mm) is coded by size; the fine fraction is black/dark brown, the middle fraction is white, and the coarse fraction (up to about 2mm) is yellow. More at www.emriver.com and in this video

Turn off the music if it bothers you, it's something I put together from Soundtrack Pro clips, and the edginess (and goofiness) is intentional.

Happy Holidays!

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