Orlando. Words from my friend Monk San.

By Steve Gough.
Monk San is a friend of mine who was born in Sri Lanka and became a Buddhist monk there as a teen; his mother is still there and picks tea for a few dollars a day.  Here he is with my wife, Kate, who brought him to Carbondale to visit her Buddhist group.  Two people I admire very much.
He's a Buddhist monk who's broken from his tradition by leaving his monastery and traveling.  He's in a lot of trouble for that.
English is not his first language.  I was moved by his comments; posted on Facebook, and share them here.  His words take careful reading, please do that.
You can find him here on Facebook.
I am a Buddhist monk living in America and currently have a job as a live in caregiver. Guess what? My client is a lesbian couple. The woman I am taking care of has a Ph.D. she is an intelligent, kind and woman unlike those hypocrite idiotic straights( I meant the ones who has no sympathy or kindness towards who struggles to be who they are. Not to be confused with the ones that already accepting and kind.). When I talk to her, I see a kind, compassionate and a patience human being.
At this point, I am not sure whether I should be angry or sad about the Orlando incident. I am also embarrassed to introduce myself as a monk because the hypocracy behind a robe or name of a God is appalling. In my opinion, every single cleargy men and women in religious traditions current and in the history responsible for these type of crimes. We worship unknown, and unseen realities rather than embracing what is real in front of us.
People who try to politicy these incidents for their advantages should be ashamed and prevent from get into power. Nobody can resolve these issues but us humans. At the end love wins. Buddha, Jesus or Mohammad can do nothing but as individuals we can.
Our responsibility is not just about donating blood or money to organizations when things happen but understanding how to prevent these crimes from happening over and over again. Many of our problem is that this will be forgotten as soon as media stop talking about it. We should unite. Be freinds with each other. Start with a smile with a stranger who has a weird looking dress on or a person who has a manly voice yet dress up like a woman. Have a conversation.
We have to come together to help each other. Religions didn't find us, we found religions. Don't let them manipulate you and brain wash you. They want you because they want to run their organizations, small or big projects they do. Have your temple, mosque and church in your heart. Don't let a script old thousand of years good you, be your light, let your kindness guide you and clear your path. Be a light to the world being a light to you.
Yes, I am angry and sad. This unorthodox monk apologize to all the people around the world who has to hide because of these hypocrites. Much love to all the families affected by this horrible incident. Much love and many blessings.