Trimble's Sketchup 2013 is broken, fix it!

Don't buy Sketchup 2013. 

Trimble, if you're reading this, shame on you.  I paid $560 for 2013 Pro.  Crashy on my iMac, on my Air, and on my Windows PC (in the "Make" form).

Sketchup was (was) a wonderful 3D CAD program that anybody could use.  It was free.  I've done amazing things with it at LRRD; it's revolutionized CAD..

History here.  Promoted by Google, then sold to Trimble.

If you're running version 8, keep it.

Trimble has broken "2013" with licensing.

The support I paid for is a joke.

I know Trimble, I buy survey-grade GPS stuff from them.  Sent them $2,500 for a software update last year so I could keep using a GPS unit.  Just keep using it, not improve it.  Just make it functional.

I hope somebody kills me if:  "Your Emriver Em2 is has stopped working?  Send us $2,500 and it will start working again.  For a while. Sort of"

Trimble might surpass AutoDesk, even Microsoft, at putting a needle in your arm and extracting money.

Shame on you, Trimble, fix this problem.

What I do with Sketchup, or used to when it was reliable: