Merci Beaucoup, Chris Alix.

My wife Kate’s known Chris Alix since high school.  He went from Carbondale High to the elite EE program at the University of Illinois. 

He’s still in Champaign-Urbana, and hangs with an old professor; the guy who invented the LED.

As a brilliant independent digital hardware/software design consultant, Chris is  always fully booked.  By the likes of Motorola – and too cool and in demand to need a website, so no link. 

Chris serves on the Champaign, Illinois County Board, a Progressive doing good things there.

And still finds time to help us at LRRD, designing flow controllers. This weekend he was here to help us with a new basic pump controller for our Em2.

Thanks, Chris Alix, for the Alix Controller, and for the work you’re doing for LRRD now.

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