First Em3 dual-tilt system ships!

Today we shipped our first dual-tilt Emriver Em3 system to the University of West Georgia Department of Geosciences.

As we began its design three years ago, we envisioned our Em3 as the perfect teaching and research model for university settings.  Large enough to accommodate a dozen students, big enough for serious research, but also portable and storable. 

We also worked to design a modular system for museums and environmental educators.

Part of that modular system is a dual-tilt base that allows independent adjustment of both pitch (long profile) and roll, an original feature of our larger Em4 model.  This movement allows for more advanced research and demonstrations.

The Em3’s 85-pound box can be moved from its static “horse” supports to this dual-tilt system in seconds.

The static Em3 system took hundreds of design hours.  We added several hundred hours to develop this dual-tilt system. 

It’s simple, elegant, incredibly robust and adaptable.   

You’ll see the Em3 dual-tilt system, digitally powered,  doing amazing things in museums in the next few years.   You saw it first here.

Thanks to my amazing LRRD colleagues for their knowledge, support, faith in me, and hard work.  

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