AGU 2012 Day Three.

We're having a fantastic time exhibiting at AGU 2012 in San Francisco.

 These meetings are huge challenge for us. There are factors beyond our control, and so much money at stake for our small organization.

Last year our shipment was lost, then found 30 minutes before exhibit opening, this year it was on time, but seriously damaged, despite our careful and expensive packaging.

We applied tools, glue, and know-how to fix things.

We've had hundreds of visitors from all over the globe. Today Lily and Meriam gave their Chinese, Italian, and French language skills a workout! We had dozens of European visitors interested in our models. Outside of the EU, just from memory, Nepal, Taiwan, South Korea (several scientists), New Zealand, the UK, and Japan.

I'm happy to meet so many brilliant scientists and students, and to work with colleagues who can speak both the language of science and several others besides my English.