Little River at the Shallow Flows Symposium

Editor's note: This post was written by our Research Assistant, Christina Bovinette.

Lily talks with professors gathered around the Em3

This week Lily and I were in Iowa City for the Third International Symposium on Shallow Flows (ISSF), a forum in environmental hydraulics and fluid mechanics.

Shallow Flows 2012 was held on the banks of the Iowa River at the University of Iowa, home to the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (IIHR), one of our nation's oldest and most distinguished hydraulic research and teaching laboratories.

This year's Shallow Flows drew about 150 participants from around the globe.  Our Em3 attracted visitors from Canada, the UK, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and more. 

We hosted a constant crowd around the Em3, and inquiries poured in. We found that, at least where LRRD is concerned, the International Symposium on Shallow Flows isn’t so shallow after all!

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