Friday, May 13, 2011

LRRD appreciates Lily Hwang on her one-year anniversary.

My wife Kate met Lily as she was finishing her MS  in Forestry at SIU-Carbondale and told me "you need to talk to her, she's amazing."

I did, and she is, and we hired her, and Lily Hwang has done amazing things for us.

She's a brilliant scientist and teacher.

She volunteers time on weekends for environmental education.  And works extra hours for Little River Research.  A lot of extra hours.

And always she's kind, caring, and funny, watch the movie.

Thanks Lily, from me and all of us, for everything.

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Naturalist Charlie said...

Lily seems great, all of you seem great for being able to do hard work without getting too ridiculously serious and miserably formal. So many people don't understand the difference between doing serious work and being overly serious about everything... like is too serious as it is! Unfortunately I've worked with that sort of person before... I think people get a lot more work done when they are having fun.

Also I wish I had a stream table to play with.