Geomorphically incorrect art #8.

Nothing funny about chronic angina, but this ad from a recent JAMA (click for larger image) made me laugh because the artist stiched together such a wide range of geomorphological and biological features.

And perverted science in several other disciplines to appeal to those in medicine.

I suspect the entire thing is fabrication.  Can your students tell why?

This one is a gem for talking about plant/geology and microclimate relationships.  See the lush green vegetation grading into a (sort of) mountain snowline? 

Down the mountain, like a little golf course lake populated by off duty cardiologists, this fluvial system has no ugly exposed sediment between the lush green vegetation and the water's surface.  Except for that inviting sandy beach in the foreground.  No unsightly wave erosion or exposed floodplain sediments.

The fluvio-lacustrine heart would suffer from congestive-sedimentary failure, I think, if it could form in the first place, which I don't think it possibly could.

Can you challenge students to come up with an explanation involving earthquakes and, I don't know, maybe rapid climate and base level change that could explain at least some of this?

What's possible and what's not?

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