Geomorphically incorrect art #6.

Click for a larger version and you can see that Simpson's fans Jerry Lerma and Tim Hogan put this map together in 2002.  It's their interpretation of Springfield.  Cool idea.

Where do we start geomorphically?  A tiny dam bordered by flatland forms Lake Springfield so close to another large lake, or maybe the ocean?  And 13,000 foot Widow's Peak drains into the same lake in the space of what, seven or eight city blocks?  That's some serious fluvial slope.  I'm a big fan, but I can't remember debris flows in any episode.

This one is great for teaching both geomorph and city planning.  Jerry and Tim seem to have abandoned the website that originally hosted this, so no link, but props to their creativity.

UPDATE:  The comments section is for ya'll to add to my thin analysis.  For example, why don't we see dams near the coast?   What do the road patterns tell you, are they possible/ likely?   Do I see a wetlands area just downstream of a dam?  What about that tunnel through the mountains and the desert on the other side?