Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lily's great geomodel T-shirt art.

Our Ecohydrologist Lily Hwang,  also an artist and Abobe Illustrator wrangler, has produced this charming T-shirt graphic.

It features her,  Meriam Lahlou (our amazing multilingual business manager), and me in a loud shirt.

What do you think?  Do you like it? Parlez-vous français?  Will this sell river models?

Want one?

First five legit commenters are in luck!  I need a mailing address and size, use

 UPDATE:  Lily, this is it!  Was I the originator of the outside box?  If so, my bad :-)

But the constraints of the green box forced us into some cool composition, didn't it?  ("Geomodels"should be in lower case, one more tweak.)

Beautiful, Lily.


pascal said...

I like it - good use of color and line. It "reads" quickly. I'm not sure how I feel about the contrast between the uncomplicated artwork and the longer, complex words - but it says what it does, what it is, and the main "mission" of the EM river demo.

Brian Romans said...

I like it, although if it were up to me I'd lose the outline box.

Alex said...

I like the shirt but agree with Brian.

NotanEster said...

I too like it. Cute! I have forgotten most of my French so can only dimly guess at what Meriam is saying though... (LRRD, well hello, such creativity!)?

The box may work for a miniaturized design on the front right chest.

Silver Fox said...

But then they can't think outside the box!

Steve Gough said...

Brian et al. you're right! The green box (which was driving the committee of three of us crazy) is history.

The Emriver box is enough of a box.

Merci beacoup for your help (and Notan Ester email me for explanation of French idiom from Meriam).


Anne jefferson said...

I like it, especially the curly haired girl. But I also don't understand the French, and I hope it won't put monolingual people off.

NotanEster said...

alrighty just emailed! Curious to find me out some idiom.

Yeah, I'd agree the design without outline looks even better.

Dr. Jerque said...

Minor dissenting opinion. I like the one with the box. It reinforces the concept nicely. Having the dialog balloons partly outside of the 'box' is also good in the same regard.

Naturalist Charlie said...

Yeah, I think it's cute! My thought is remove some of the text, maybe just have the web page available? If people are interested enough they will visit the website either way.

Also it makes me think of my watershed shirt (