Thursday, July 22, 2010

Geomorphically Incorrect Art #3

A couple of nice "what the future will look like" paintings from this cool little blog.  No artist mentioned, but it is signed.

Clearly this one is geomorphically incorrect; it's a built channel.  But there are some serious problems with hydraulics and, unless the channel is depicted during a flood event, capacity to pass large flows.

I love the plantings on top of the spillway.  Has the Army Corps ever done that?

What design problems do you see?
For a real life giant concrete channel, check out the South Fork of the Zumbro in Rochester, Minnesota.  Sedimentation problems, anybody?


Sally said...

Hi Steve. I'm trying to set up a link to all the posts in your "geomorphically incorrect" series, and this one and #2 aren't labeled correctly. Would love it if you could fix that!

Steve Gough said...

Sally, do you mean tagged right? I don't understand, but will fix when I do!

John McKay said...

The artist is Jo Kotula, a commercial artist from the fifties and sixties best known for aviation art. Here's a note on that picture:

Sally said...

That would be great, Steve! I mean labeled, I think, as in the label for this one is "geomorphically incorrect urban stormwater" and that probably needs to be two labels, I'm thinking, so that it matches the others, which are just "geomorphically incorrect"-- a simple comma, in this case. If that doesn't make sense, let me know. (And thanks!)