Lily's first circuit, R&D at LRRD.

A big day.  Lily hooked up her first electronic circuit, and hacked some microprocessor code.  My work was interrupted by exclamations of "YES!" and "COOL!" from the lab.

Lab sounds I like to hear.

Lily has strong skills in biology, chemistry, hydrology and other sciences; this interest in physical computing is a wonderful bonus for LRRD.

Confession:  During Lily's interview/evaluation process I planted gadgets in the lab and learned she was interested in physical computing and design (I hope she'll forgive me).  Not too many people are interested in, let alone good at this stuff, but clearly she is.

We're working on digital flow measurement for our Emriver models, and had a lively chalkboard discussion today:
We have unique needs for a meter, so again we're breaking new ground.  I'm glad to have Lily's enthusiastic help figuring it out.

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