Monday, February 4, 2008

Taxes, Super Tuesday, and climate change.

At LRRD we have a strange lull--the weirdness of not cranking on some urgent project. Just working. Dayna is ably handling some crazy insurance problems (I would've been ugly, she's doing it the right way). Jesse will help with the elections tomorrow--he lives in the Makanda Fire Department Station as a volunteer firefighter. Cara and I are doing what we do.

We cooled beers in the snow on Saturday, and, now in Carbondale it's dark (at 7pm) and nearly 70 degrees F. On Feb 4. We have all the house windows open. I can't help but think we're the cusp of something, with Super Tuesday, and serious signs of climate change, and 8 plus years of our government denying and ignoring it. Our weather today is just one data point, I know.

I just finished our taxes, what a pain. Don't mind paying them, I love my country, but I'd like to see some meaning, some progress, some collective intelligence.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, take heart. The turnout is very good in a number of places. A middle school in a conservative, white bread metro-east community overturned its long, solid voting history. There is some thinking going on!