Verizon DSL kills cute puppy dogs.

Today this little dog died because of Verizon DSL. OK, not really.

If I'd arrived at our building this morning to find a window broken out and glass all over the floor, no problem. Clean things up, fix it and go on.

But this was much worse. Verizon DSL. I wasted six painful hours today trying to get it working, Dayna wasted a couple last night. Still not fixed.

The tech support people contradict each other, generally don't know much, and towards the end it became clear they'll tell you to rearrange the deck chairs and restart your computer with endless patience, while having no idea what's really broken. One of the people took nearly five minutes to "find your account" using our phone number. Verizon. Our phone number.

It's torture, it's hard on our business, and is unforgivable.

Dayna caught some dudes selling drugs in our parking lot. She scared them away before I got any. We met Cara's parents, that was nice, though I was so aggravated at Verizon I was probably rude. Kate gave her big talk on polycystic ovarian syndrome today, and I'm so proud of her--she's a real scientist and works so hard to help people.

Here's Taki Wayne Nikkei Average 183 Telonidis in our living room last February, who goes by "Taki." Taki Telonidis is a Greek NPR producer (Kate's parents are Greek), the Nikkei Average goes up and down spastically; people named Wayne are notorious criminals, etc. A recent Mother Jones article on the history of hip hop led to the newest addition, 183.

He showed up at our door a couple of years ago, probably dumped, we live near the animal shelter. It took us three days to get all the ticks off. He's cute as hell and very affectionate, but a typical spastic terrier mix and I would like somebody else to adopt him.