Speaking of dogs. And Verizon DSL.

Now that we're settled and he won't be in the way, I'm bringing JaJa the wonder dog to work. He loves it, and everybody likes him. He's the only survivor of a backyard breeder litter dumped at the Jackson County Humane Shelter, and is an amazing dog, the perfect German shepherd. He's named after Laurent Jalabert, the great cyclist. Le Tour was on when we were naming him in 2002, and the fans were shouting "Ja Ja, Ja Ja, Ja Ja!"

Jesse (former bike mechanic, etc.) and Barrett put a fine finish on the old 1970's Raleigh we bought for $50, and Jesse took it for its first spin around the lot today.

Dayna, Cara and I mostly worked on marketing today, and I have high hopes. I got up at 2:30 this morning (you entrepreneurs out there will understand) and worked for three hours on a mailing.

Doing business in Carbondale: Verizon hasn't called us back and we are without internet service for a second day. I called tech support again and was shunted to New Delhi. We are dumping them. Turns out our recurring outages starting around 3:30 each day correspond with kids coming home from school and going online, and this is widely known. Their system is inadequate and they know it but pay people to waste our time troubleshooting on our end. Fraudulent? Criminally so? Yes.