Snails on the Ark .

If you're going to tell somebody to keep on keeping on, as this sign just down the street from us does, I think you should spell it right.

Imagining snails getting onto the ark is just weird. It was made of wood and a lot of lumber I've seen, especially that stored in Biblical conditions, was a happy home to them. Probably some got on-board on boards. Maybe the snail effort is exaggerated.

The pace has seemed snail-like at times, but at LRRD we are hitting our stride. Today: A quote going out on an Emriver model, more scary plastic fragmentation in the shop (and blood on the floor, be careful with polycarbonate for god's sake), UPS guy had to make three trips, big report on Detroit rivers finished today, decided NOT to do a big Chicago project (big relief); and Jesse and Barrett, having made so many, are having trouble organizing and storing all the finished Emriver parts. A lot of mundane but smooth and necessary operations stuff (and some big plant pruning and moving). And I am really enjoying (and being non-paranormally thankful for) the people I'm working with.

The snails-on-the-Ark thing is going to keep me awake. There are over 60,000 species worldwide and I'm not able to picture the perseverance required for all of them to travel across mountains and oceans to get to the Middle East, let alone 120,000 sliming around on a wooden boat for 40 days.