Prototyping gets going.

We did some very interesting prototyping today, as in major patentable very cool stuff. Jesse got to really perform in his role as prototyper (very nice knuckle joint) and Barrett did some great work.

James X (I'll protect the presumably innocent for now) delivered our server and sort of hooked it up after removing this and that and hurrying off. We fired the criminal Verizon DSL people, more on that later. We're going without Internet connection for several days. Ridiculous.

Unlike those sold by Verizon et. al, our products work as promised. Cara confirmed that with a bunch of calls to Emriver users today. She has a huge talent for this. We found out, among other cool things, that two of the models are permanently set up at a small college in northern Illinois. And we have some very happy and loyal customers. What a nice thing to know, but I'm not surprised, because that's the way we planned it.