Marketing and making things.

Here Jesse tries out a new jig to make a persistently troublesome part, the Emriver standpipe. We had some scary high speed plastic fragmentation episodes today.

We had a great meeting with Lizette Chevalier, Chair of SIUC's Department of Civil Engineering. We talked about collaboration and she advised us on marketing our models to university educators.

Cara has been calling Emriver users and getting great reviews and zero significant complaints or problems with the models. The models are being used much more often and widely than I suspected. Makes me feel good to have started this, but I knew it was a good thing or I wouldn't have.

Cara saw some interesting things in the parking lot of the Neighborhood Co-op today! You'll have to ask her.

We are still (six days) without internet access thanks to Verizon (for search bots: Verizon DSL lie liars criminal problems hold fraud defective modem ripoff tech support incompetent %$@*&%$%#.)