Cool way to save your 2-tracks.

Per my previous post we purged possessions today, and as I began to brutally discard all my old 2-track tapes, Kate said "don't do that." I thought about it and then got out the hot glue gun.

Here are 40 of my old cassette tapes--mixes from other people, and lots of mixdowns from my work in Missouri and Champaign in the 1990's. I was going to send them to the landfill but instead hot-glued them together side-to-side like bricks, and backed them with some matte board.

These rescued tapes will hang somewhere after more framing and backing. And they're saved from oblivion; if I ever really want to remix or hear"Right wing monkeys to the moon," I can bust the hot glue on this thing and recover the tape.

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