Production. Burritos. The workbench.

Kate delivered take-out burritos for all at lunchtime, was her charming and beautiful self and then as usual won the gross-out joke contest. Now I'm just a few blocks away from her all day, and I like that.

Jesse and Barrett made progress on their massive workbench made of the big cherry bolts that Peter left for us. The wood is very knotty, cross-grained, and cracked. It's salvage wood, and I'm sure it has been picked over a few times. But it's strong and as full of soul as wood can be.

We'll spend thousands of hours around this bench, using its vices, sitting, standing, sawing, filing, gluing, soldering, cussing and pondering. Unlike other tools--the computers and digital cameras that will come and go in a blink, it'll probably be going strong in some form when I'm dead.

We moved five Emriver boxes out of storage today and into the building. You can see them in the background here. I hope to see this pile dwindle quickly. Jesse's at left, next to his makeshift desk.

I made the first payment on our building loan today.

Radiohead's new album is as good as I'd hoped for, with some weird purchasing options. I got the MP3's.