More production, some of it backwards.

We got a second shop bike, a 1979 Raleigh 3-speed with a skirt-compatible frame.

Jesse and Barrett made Emriver wiring harnesses.

I spent a half hour playing with the woodworking equipment.

Yes, playing.

Pitiful in a way because I've owned a nice shop for over a month now. And a few canoes, and video cameras, and river models, and other cool things, none of which I actually "play" with, contrary to mythology. Some day.

After much debate and color analysis we painted the big door swimming pool blue and then projected and traced the LRRD logo onto it. Backwards. As we waited for the evening sun to get just right so the overhead projector could overcome it, we flipped the logo and made it bigger and everything worked out, and tomorrow it'll be painted in glorious green.