Marketing and other dirty words

This is my favorite outtake from last year's photo shoot of the Emriver. Here Lennie and Liz wait for us to fix the gigantic strobe system (WWII looking control box at lower left) my friend Marty the photographer brought along.

You have to get your thing out there to sell it.

Cara called some Emriver clients today to see how they're doing with the models, and good ideas for improving and expanding our work came along. As we were told by her references, she's a great scientist and person, and people respond to that. She also worked on placing ads in professional journals. Very professionally.

And her calls and mine confirmed that people like the model and it's doing good things out there (but they never call to tell us that, we have to call them).

Because of my experience with other consultants, and with the corporate world, I'm uncomfortable with marketing and selling and keep having to remind myself that we do this for the common good. Cara, Dayna, and Jessie are good reminders.