Elegant design and the Emriver

Kate got out the old Coleman stove tonight. She'll use it tomorrow to heat up cider for a Green Earth event.

I've been around this model since I was little, and as I helped her set it up I noticed the elegent design. What it does is not simple; there's a pressure tank and the air/fuel mix has to be preheated and sprayed just so. It folds and stores very efficiently.

These aren't fancy, there's absolutely no extra paint or metal or anything else. But there isn't anything missing, either. We used this stove for eight months straight when we were traveling in our Vanagon, and it never gave us trouble.

The Emriver model was designed to be like this, and I think we've succeeded. There is some room for cost saving. All the metal is now aluminum or stainless, which could be replaced with painted steel, for example. But it is very much like this Coleman stove, and I'm proud of that.