Cara and family in Carbondale (and an explanation).

The explanation: We (all the LRRD folks and Kate) finally met Cara Bergschneider and her husband and two wonderful kids last Friday, and it occurred to me tonight that readers might think that large occasion wasn't important.

But of course is was, but aside from being Steve-centric, this blog is photo-centric and I don't post pictures of people unless they're OK with it, and probably never pictures of identifiable children, so it went unmentioned here, but not because it wasn't a huge day, and Cara and her family are about as photogenic as it gets.

This is a good time to explain that this blog is akin to telling your friends you're giving up cigarettes. I want to record these days. At least a few good friends are reading and that forces me to write and record these images.

I usally make them, but this one is from, Van Gogh's (the British correctly pronounce it "van goff") "Skull with cigarette."