Blur. Blur good.

Kate was very sick with GI problems all weekend, I was so worried. She was supposed to have a CAT scan this morning, but felt better and cancelled it.

Usually I keep these short, but here's my day today.

Went to work very tired and: Met with Cara and Dayna and I hope did not appear too out of it, negotiated a contract with lawyers in *redacted* to do an urban stream monitoring project; talked with Mike Slattery at TCU about the lab manual for Emriver; fixed the damn phones again; worked with Cara on her email; made coffee with spoiled cream; scheduled surveyors and benchmark setting for *redacted*; forgot to help Cara plot her trip to Sedalia, Missouri.

Had pizza with Kate for lunch, which made her sick again, she's seeing the doc tomorrow, maybe a CAT scan after all.

Had a long meeting with James Throgmorton, Cara and Dayna on our computer and software situation (no pics, left my camera at work)--we dicussed open source options, Basecamp (which we've been using and like), and ways to use Macs and avoid ever compensating Bill Gates again. Lawyers in *redacted* agreed to my conditions. Some guy came in to sell Loony Tunes posters during all this and Jesse sent him away (is there a 514 East Main Vortex?) The social workers came to talk to the homeless, hopelessly alcholic guys who hang out next to the building, suplimented this week by Rainbow people so that we had a record total of 15 souls sitting on a slab just east of our doorway yesterday when I arrived. The ironies with our high tech (3D video of moveable-bed river models a few feet from people who sit on a milk crate and drink all day) and liberalness are overwhelming; Dayna has done a great job with the City to address this, but what the hell can we do? Back to today, Jesse, Barrett and I examined the back walls and went up into the attic to determine how to waterproof and drain the floor and get water to our wetlab and a camera up through the ceiling to around 12 feet (for the 4 meter model). Cara was great on her second day and Dayna as well, especially since she's a major player in the Bioneers conference here, and she went to Neighborhood Co-op board meeting tonight and I didn't because I'm exhausted, sorry.

We had our first meeting with a consultant to us, that was cool, and I was very proud of Dayna and Cara and James did a good job.

All my selfish perspective, of course, just one day, and I left some things out. The photo is from a year or so ago when Kate and I went to St. Louis with Marty's old Ford to pick up 10 Emriver boxes.