514 and inhabitants evolve, and other fluid mechanics.

At first we thought we'd rough it in our new offices with bare concrete floors. But the noise of the machines was a problem, so Dayna worked on getting some carpet. One thing led to another and she, Barrett, and Jesse ended up making our office space a cool, comfortable one. If our future work goes like this, organic, adaptive, smart, efficient, and respectful, we'll do very well. The view here is east from the newly carpeted and painted "yellow room" through the workshop, with Jesse and Barret working on soundproofing the doors to the workshop.

Last night I re-read my worn copy of Steven Vogel's amazing book "Life in Moving Fluids." It integrates biology and physiology and many other things with fluid mechanics and general physics, all with a terse wit. He's interested in working with us on swim tunnels, and I hope to have him here to speak at SIUC and consult with us a bit early in 2008.