We're buying the building

Kate and put in the final loan application today, and all the ducks appear lined up for us to buy the building at 514 East Main in Carbondale. It's a 5 minute walk to the Long Branch; <10 minutes' walk to the Student Health Center at SIUC (where Kate works), and we are very much in downtown Carbondale. We'll have 4,400 square feet for video production, model prototyping and building, offices, and materials storage. It even has a loading area with a big garage door to move the big models in and out--we'll be able to palletize them and fork them right into trucks.

The interior has no load bearing walls so it's a big blank slate with lots of open space. It's got high ceilings for shooting large models, waterproof concrete floors--all the odd things we needed. Thanks to Peter Gregory for selling us the building at a good price to help us get started. That's all his woodworking stuff you see in the photos.