Wal-mart kills local store. LRRD doing fine.

Geomorphology later, I promise.

Jesse and Dayna continued to make our little business get ready for greatness with more construction and lots of complicated financial, carpet laying, and refrigerator decisions.

New hires please avert your eyes until the next paragraph. OK, you didn't avert, so I can't talk about how great you are. You spoiled it, I knew I couldn't trust you.

We brewed our first pot of company coffee, and our internets are all working.

Our Carbondale Kroger West, next to Kate's old pharmacy, is closing this weekend. Stories on why vary, but surely it's connected to the Wal-mart supercenter being built 2 miles to the west, in the middle of nowhere. Kate and I spent literally hundreds of hours (I think like a consultant here) fighting this thing. I built and maintain this site, inactive now for obvious reasons. Lots of pictures of our fight there. This Wal-mart defines sprawl--I can hardly stand to drive by the site, it's a damn tragedy.

We gave this thing our all, and embarrassed Wal-mart and Murphysboro and Carbondale officials who--from active deceit to sitting on hands--let this terrible thing happen. Kate and I have never liked this company, but after seeing its underbelly, and how it bullies small towns, I can tell you it's the worst. Please don't shop there, the low prices come out of your pocket in other ways and hurt your community.

But LRRD is doing fine, we had a great day. I hope Kroger's workers (union workers with decent pay and benefits) do well. We'll miss them very much.