Verizon evil, Westell 6100 modem even eviler

Go somewhere else for geomorphology today. There were rivers to save and inventions to think up, but I spent over six hours trying to get a couple of network components to work together and failed. I've installed several wireless networks. Usually takes an hour or so.

Verizon and Westell should be ashamed of their behavior. When I said to the long suffering tech support guy "who designed this menu," he said "you should have seen the last one." His soul is not yet crushed.

Funny to think about branding and how I was forced through the same Verizon installation procedure probably 20 times today. Can showing an aggravated person your logo a couple of hundred times be good? They should put pictures of Newt Gingrich or an invasive plant on these installation wizards. I'm sure hell is wallpapered with Microsoft logos.

Dayna talked with Carbondale Neighborhood Services so we can do something about the guys who drink near the building all day and night and have been hassling us, what a drag. What sad people--they were sitting on a concrete pad in a light rain with their forties when I left tonight. Jesse continued work on his state of the art dust collection system, and you can see the elegant materials rack in the background.