Vantenna and mystery of the holey gas tank

Interesting day. I spent most of it in post-production, editing video clips for the DVD. Here we see a channel remeandering after being straightened. As you might guess, the houses are doomed, despite that big gravel berm between them and the channel.

We had a new gas tank put in the Vanagon, and solved a mystery--Vanagons tend to get rust-through in the tanks, and we had all those symptoms, but it turned out some doofus had run over something and put a 3-inch gash in it. The Bondo he put on it had failed. So all the debris in gas tank and related problems are now explained.

On the way home I stopped by Southern Recycling, owned by the renowned Tasis Karayiannis, a family friend, and we picked up some crazy microwave antennas that the local National Guard unit had dropped off for recycling. They're beautiful all-aluminum things and I just couldn't pass them up. Kate and JaJa are very happy that we're keeping the van, but not so enthusiastic about its new accessory.