River disaster in mini-stereo

The work-related highlight of my day was a call from Paul Morin, who we hope to work with on producing educational videos in 3D for the GeoWall system.

Here we have an Emriver flood scene being shot for proof-of-concept work. Seeing the video in 3D is a lot of fun, and we shot River Dozer of Doom in 3D, but you'll have to wait a while for YouTube to provide stereo!

We're cranking up production of Emriver parts; and doing lots of planning for conferences and the new building.

The lowlight of my day was a request from another consultant to review his design for a Rosgen-inspired string of "vortex weirs." We could do so much good with the money being spent on this junk. If you need to lock a channel into place in an urban area, as I've done, fine. But to build a meandering river that can no long meander in a wildland setting is just vandalism.

And then there's this sort of important work, a good example of where the natural channel design gravy train is going.