Pallet jacks and duskystripe shiners

Editing video today, including some sweet underwater fish things from last summer. Here we see some kind of sucker or minnow, hell if I know, in amongst duskystripe shiners in the Jacks Fork in Missouri. I built a housing with short rods on the bottom that I can jam into the gravel for steady shots in strong current. If you aim the cam just a bit up, and the water depth is just rigth, you get this beautiful shimmering reflection of the gravel on the water's surface, and the bit of sky mixed in gives it a gold tint.

I spent lot of time yesterday with logistics--where do we buy a pallet jack, big industrial cabinets, and the like? How and where do we store all our sheet goods and acrylic tubing and rod? Very hard to be creative with all this stuff going on.