The (fluvial geomorphology) DVD is DONE!

I finished the DVD today and want to celebrate that here with the remaining five working tendons in my mouse hand.

It's been years in the making. We'll go through one more minor revision, so it's not available yet. There are 59 clips, with video shot from the air, underwater, of the Emriver model and other venues I'm too tired to remember. There's nothing like it on the planet, not even close, and we can see so much more of this that can and needs to be done.

When we shot the latest Emriver video, I could see that a larger model (4m long we're calculating) would expand the possibilities for things like subtle floodplain processes.

Thanks to those at the Missouri Department of Conservation who understand that the best way to save and conserve rivers is through education, especially preventing the bad things before they happen. That's a lot of what this DVD is about.