Fixing up the place (and underwater video).

Jesse and Barrett worked on a materials rack today. I enjoyed watching them study a pile of books and plan and execute this--they're real artisans. We want the big room to be a cool, elegant space.

The City of Carbondale inspected and approved.

Dayna and Angie painted the grimy walls, and I took a break from video editing, located the old overhead projector, and traced and painted a drippy logo on the wall.

Almost every day somebody congratulates me on having Dayna as a colleague, including today.

Almost done with the DVD. I've put off editing the underwater fish clips because so much work went into them--years of trial and error. Tiny mistakes (like a switch bumped while putting the cam into the housing) ruin a day of underwater work. I've looked at hours of slightly out of focus or overexposed video that would otherwise be awesome. Good for learning to accept things you can't change.