Day one at 514 East Main, Carbondale.

I picked up the keys this morning.

We spent the day cleaning and getting to know the place. I had two big concerns about the building--traffic noise and lack of green space. But the noise wasn't bad and I discovered the beautiful historic graveyard just across the street--three acres or so of neat tombstones and magnificent old trees.

It's huge and well-suited for us. You're seeing only about a third of it here, looking south through the front windows, which are covered with metal artwork (installed by Peter Gregory) depicting a river, believe it or not. This is where we'll put all our machines. That's me on the right, Jesse at left.

I'm very fortunate to have this place, and Jesse, Dayna, and Cara to work with me there.

To top off a perfect day, on the way home I heard a Fresh Air rebroadcast of a 1989 Elvis Costello interview.