Blue goes to green, whatever.

Dayna and Jesse and Angie got a bunch of things done, and I sorted out the phone lines and ran a new one to our offices and, after figuring out the creative color-code-switching somebody else did, got the phones to work.

We're sitting on the floors, etc. (I don't want to post pictures of that), but Dayna found some very 1980's bank manager chairs at Goodwill for, well, I won't say. We need furniture, and are agonizing over that.

Kate and I had a great lunch at the Long Branch and I took this picture of my tea as the freight train roared by.

And I Fedexed the DVD. These days just fly by and it's a huge but welcome change for me (after 17 years with a home office) to be around all these great people and be, minute by minute, answerable to them.